Recognizing Women Veterans

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Interviews with women veterans of their accomplishments within and outside of the military.

Forward Action
September 20, 2011, No Comments

Diana Marroquin’s grandfather served in WWII. His unit landed on Normandy and fought a difficult path all the way� …

Gaining Balance
July 26, 2011, No Comments

Susanne Scott served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force. When she enlisted, she was told there weren’t any openings in …

The First Five People
July 15, 2011, No Comments

Kerri Childress was raised by a Marine. Here’s the kicker, it wasn’t her dad,  it was her mom who served in th …

Meant To Be
June 24, 2011, No Comments

Julie McKinley served in the Air Force back in 1987 and was stationed in Germany. She was one of only two women firefig …

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